Economics Teaching Statement

An economics teaching statement is written by a teacher of economics when he applies for a job so that he can give the employer an idea about his goals, work experience, teaching strategies, skills and knowledge. The employer thus gets an idea of how the teacher will tackle the subject and the children and if hiring him will be beneficial to the organization. The economics teaching statement should contain a brief summary of what the teacher has done in terms of studies and work related to the field of economics and description of his interests and ambitions. He must also describe his skills and what methods he will use to get the class interested in this subject.

Sample Economics Teaching Statement:

Name of teacher: Matt Morris

Date of Birth: 2/3/1975

College: Mid-Western College of Economics

Course Name/Code: 8292

Application Number: 121

Teaching Statement:

I have 10 years of teaching experience out of which 8 years have been specifically devoted to economics. I love the subject and wish to impart the knowledge to students too. Economics is an important subject in today’s world and I believe we need more young minds to get involved with this subject. I like to motivate my students which is believe is the main factor for learning any subject. I pay attention to all students and try to make my class interesting so that everyone feels like participating. Economics involves looking at economic theories and applying them to the world around you which is the basis of finding out a solution to the economic problems.

Thanking you,

Matt Morris,

New York