Early Childhood Education Statement

An early childhood education statement is a document which highlights the educational necessities of young children who have been admitted into mainstream schooling. Early schooling is critical as this is the time when foundations are laid. If the base of one’s education is not strong, it becomes difficult to pursue more challenging studies later in life. Hence, the early childhood education statement must be well thought out and comprehensive, as well as sensitive to the needs of all students.

You can Download the Free Early Childhood Education Statement, customize it according to your needs and Print. Early Childhood Education Statement is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Early Childhood Education Statement:

Early Childhood Education Statement

Download Early Childhood Education Statement

This is the statement of vision that governs the way we perceive education for young learners in our school. The early childhood education statement has been framed by various experts in the fields of academics, psychology, and child development.

Name of educational institution: Holy Child Primary School

Address: 34 B Main Street, Washington

Year of establishment: 2001

Purpose of early childhood education statement:

  • Such a statement acts as a vision document, creating pointers that we can follow in our daily running of the institution as well as for the long term development and growth of this school and its wards.
  • An early childhood education statement also allows parents and guardians to be a part of the learning process of their children. This statement has been framed only after taking into consideration, the opinions of the parent body.
  • We believe in a relaxed and easy introduction of the child to academics. While admitting the increase of competition in the education scene, we shall allow our students to enter this fascinating world on their own terms without being pressurized.

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