Digital Media Personal Statement

A digital media personal statement is a document which outlines the reasons for which an aspirant in the field of digital media wishes to enter the profession. A digital media personal statement must outline the scope and career objectives of a digital media professional. It must be well written and carefully structured. It forms the basis on which the capability of such an individual will be judged.

Sample Digital Media Personal Statement:

Name: Martha Joseph

Date: 12th June 1978

Course applied for: Internship in electronic journalism

Date of submission of digital media personal statement: 23rd June 2011

Digital Media Personal Statement:

This digital media personal statement is expressive of my intentions in pursuing a successful career in the field of electronic or digital media. I have already obtained a graduation degree in Mass Communication from a reputed college in the country [check overleaf for details of academic career]. I wish to enrol in this course as I believe it will add value and depth to my existing qualifications. Armed with the skills this course shall equip me with, I will be in a better position to contribute to this field, as well as share my skills with my colleagues. Digital media being of a standard that it is today, I believe that there is a strong need for qualified and trained professionals who will balance audience demand with intellectual integrity. I believe, I am able to do so and the course offered by your institution shall enable me to hone my skills even further.

Thanking you,

Martha Joseph.

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