Detailed Income Statement

A detailed income statement is a document which encapsulates the various income details of a person. A person may earn money from multiple numbers of sources. Therefore, it must correctly record the source name and the amounts earned. It should state the liabilities of holding the actual job and its repercussions on the other sources if any.

Sample Detailed Income Statement:

Volvo Private Bus Service Company

Detailed Income Statement

The statements made herein give an overview of the monthly income earned from the various sources, which has been prepared for gaining an understanding of the profits and service sales of the company. For further details, the service headquarters can be contacted.

Detailed income statement prepared for: Gem Volvo, owner

Detailed income statement given for the period of: March, 2011 to April, 2011

Detailed income statement submitted to: Tax Department (Government)

Location of headquarters: 78, Broad Avenue, York City

Year of establishment: 1990

Income statement prepared by: Miss Lara Croft, Sales Analyst of Volvo Private Bus Service Company

Name of the clients formally affiliated to the company:

  • Let’s Go Travelling Agency
  • Dolphin Travelling Agency
  • St. Diosecean Girls’ School
  • Lotus Primary School

List of the income sources legally registered with the company:

Monthly income from carpool services: $2, 00,000

Monthly income from conducted tours and travelling services: $2, 00,000

Monthly income from rents paid by companies hiring vehicles: $1, 00, 000

Monthly income from automobile repairing and garage work: $50, 000

Monthly income from hiring for private occasions: $1, 00,000

Total monthly detailed income: $6, 50, 000

Tax deduction: 10%

Net detailed income: $5, 85,000

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