Dental School Personal Statement

A dental school personal statement is a document written as a mock resume that invariably puts forth the abilities of the candidate. It is written with the aim of making it in a dental school where the candidate wishes to take admission because of the school’s personal realization of goals. Thus it must be drafted following the ADEA (American Dental Education Association) rules.

Sample Dental School Personal Statement

Applicant’s name: Lewis Loral

Year of passing school: 2006

Average grade: 90% [mark-sheet has been attached]

Objective: I hope my personal statement would capture your attention and express my abilities well. I hereby take the liberty to assume that this would sufficiently quench your curiosity regarding my achievements thus far and potentials I harness.

Personal Statement:

I was first inspired by my father to explore the field of dentistry as a child which got me started and since then there has been no looking back. I feel I am in a position to lay my proposal confidently.

I have always been very keen on finding out the root of dental problems. My interest was whetted by a tragic incident in my family when a family member died due to oral cancer. That has highly motivated me to take part in research activities.

My connection with dentistry lies in the community services I have been engaged with that required me to educate children on lessons like cleansing one’s mouth after every meal, brushing teeth twice a day. This experience exposed me to a gamut of dental products that have enhanced my knowledge and interest both.

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