Crisis Management Statement

Crisis management is a process through which a company handles the major events which come in the way of the company or organisation. These situations or major events are generally harmful to the company and threaten to cause a problem or difficulty to the stakeholders of the company or the general public.

Crisis management statement is a statement which an organisation issues to the media or public in the case of crisis of short decision making time. These statements are used to inform the public how the company decides to handle the crisis situations.

Sample crisis management statement:

Name of the company: Nathan and Charlie Corp.

Location: 45-f, Tim Street, Jackstone building, LA

Contact email:

Contact number: 4732943444

Crisis management officer: Mr. Fred Gregory

Date of crisis origin: 12th July 2012

Crisis management statement:

‘I, Fred Gregory, the crisis management officer of Nathan and Charlie Corp, on behalf of the company inform you that our company has faced a major crisis due to the cyclone that hit the city day before yesterday. Our head office has been severely affected and the workings had to be stopped for a while till recovery was made. In such a situation we plan to shift our head office base to California which is the location for our other major office branch.

We have our major operations running at the moment and hope to recover the losses faced as soon as possible and most probably within 2 weeks. Our staff members have been sent to California to add to the workforce so as to ensure proper functioning and to cover up for the loss of work faced by LA.

In this situation we expect a little patience from the media and the public and we ensure the stakeholders that they will be kept as unaffected by the losses suffered as it is possible.

Thanking you

Fred Gregory