Corporate Vision Statement

Corporate vision statement is a compelling vision of the future. A corporate vision must be realistic so that your employees embrace it and make it their motto. Such a well framed vision helps to increase productivity within the employees. The vision even though realistic, must be challenging in its own right so as to give the employees a chance to grow.

In order to motivate your employees think of a corporate vision statement that has matter and significance to it. You must take care not just to formulate a vision but also live according to the vision; this will motivate employees to live up to that vision.

Sample Corporate vision statement 1: Helping people to live better with our products and services. In the next ten years we aim to be the global brand of healthcare products wherein every consumer will be using our products for his/her comfort.

Sample Corporate vision statement 2: The company __________ (name of the company) aims to acquire better sales in the next five years. We aim to make this corporation the best in lifestyle products and wish to secure better oversees market. A well formed alliance with our partners for a better future is our goal.

Sample Corporate vision statement 3: It is the aim of this company to better its sales manifolds by applying better sales strategies and building interpersonal relationships with the clients as well as the employees. This corporation is the product of the hard work of employees and hence it is our aim to provide our employees with the best remuneration.