Corporate Mission Statement

A corporate mission statement is a document that contains details of the missions or goal set by a certain firm or organization that functions in a corporate sector. The area of work of the organization and the corresponding areas of targets to be achieved are generally mentioned in these types of mission statements. Such a statement should thus contain relevant and important points that comply with the fundamental objectives of the corporate sector.

Sample Corporate Mission Statement:

Name of the organization: Oriental Group of Companies

Corporate mission statement framed by: Roger George Peterson

CEO, Oriental Group of Companies

Statement submitted on: 9th February, 2011

Purpose: This mission statement has been framed for providing a strong base to the execution of our business activities.

Details of the company:

Oriental Group of Companies is a chain of industries manufacturing goods that depend on raw materials found exclusively in the eastern countries of the world. The materials are imported and goods delivered here, that is in the United States of America.

Corporate Mission Statement:

  • We hope to involve more countries in this process of manufacturing oriental products and thus spread their culture.
  • We have consulted various advertising agencies and media houses to spread the news of our sector and the products we manufacture.
  • We aim to devise strategies that will go well with the environment here, without disturbing our social, political or economical areas of work.
  • We would like to employ more workers, managers and executives who actually possess knowledge of the oriental products, their nature and use, etc. such that we can have exact details to devise better products.

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