Cool Mission Statement

A cool mission statement is one that states the mission of a certain company, business firm, organization, or agency in a lighter tone than the normal official way of stating it. These statements are so framed to break the monotonous nature of business or company statements, without compromising with the content of the respective mission document. These statements, however, should not be ignored and should include relevant details because the approach and final effect on customers need to be cool but not incomplete.

Sample Cool Mission Statement:

Name of the organization: Style Apparel Companies

Mission statement prepared by: Mark John Clifford

COM, Style Apparel Companies

Mission statement submitted on: 28th June, 2011

The Style Apparel Companies is a popular brand name in the U.S. It includes a number of companies under it, all of them manufacturing the most stylist’s clothing and accessories. The chain of retail stores is supervised and controlled by the head office, located in New York.

Our Mission statement:

  • The current project being handled by our company is that of manufacturing graphic and digital t-shirts, the ones containing cool statements and funky quotes written on them.
  • The outlook and colors of apparel are also being planned to be made slightly off-the-track, such that they create a better appeal to the youngsters.
  • We have made a unique plan of taking our employees and some of our lucky customers (selected on the basis of lottery) for various tours, such as trekking, paragliding, surfing, etc. This is a very cool idea we have incorporated to ensure that everybody has his/ her share of fun.

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