Contract Scope Statement

The contract scope statement is created by businesses or individuals representing certain projects for the purpose of highlighting the essential requirements for the project. This contract statement is part of the main contract which is handed over to the company with the highest bid. The reason for creating such a statement is create a justification for the project and then elaborate on the necessary requirements of the project.

Sample Contract Statement:

Project Details: Ian Grass, CEO of HHJ Consulting, has requested that the project be completed only after the meeting has been held.

Name of Project: PC SCAN Internet Security

Purpose: To create a website for this product for expanding client base and other marketing reasons. The visibility needs to be increased online for the purpose of increasing sales and brand promotion. This will help in reducing costs handled by the company. Please use techniques approved by the company. The internal customers are to be taken into consideration.

Contract Statements:

  • Tools to be used: The site will enable users to download the required product at a certain cost. This document must be made available in PDF, ACESS, EXCEL, WORD and also Project html.
  • Submissions: The users will be allowed to make submissions through authorized mailing procedures. This can be done to the ADMIN. There will be sufficient contact details created for FAQs as well.
  • Informative Articles and Newsletters: These need to be made available. A strong team of technical writers need to be assembled. Users are also encouraged to submit their reviews of the product as and when they choose.
  • Tentative date of completion: The website must be up and running my march 2013. The product launch will take place on April, 2013. The website will help in promotion. There should be no delay. A demo must be sent on completion before launch of website.