Consumer Statement Letter

A consumer statement letter is one which contains a certain point of view, complaint, approbation, or request by a consumer to a company. This letter may take many shapes depending upon its contents and usually it is a professional letter which must be written according to the rules and regulations of professional letters. Care should be taken to encapsulate the statement of the consumer in brief.

Sample Consumer Statement Letter


Gino’s Patisserie

New York

Date: 12th June 2012

Subject: Stale Ginger Bread

This is to inform you that I, Jenna Jenkins, have been a patron of your patisserie on Albert Road, New York, for the past 26 years and I have never had cause for complaint until recently. I bought three loaves of ginger bread [$10 each] on the 5th of June 2012 and they were found to be stale when we unwrapped the loaves. Upon taking back the loaves to your shop, your management refused to entertain me and neither refunded me the amount for the loaves, nor exchanged them. This patent injustice has left me shocked and deeply hurt especially since I have been shopping from Gino’s ever since it opened 26 years ago.

I have decided not to take this injustice lying down and plan to approach the consumer court at the earliest. I have still kept samples of the offending loaves in question and will not hesitate to give testimony to the shoddy treatment meted out to me by your establishment. Complaints of stale food, especially in the patisserie section, have been growing and a number of my friends and acquaintances have faced the same problem but to no avail. Therefore, through this letter, I hereby state my intention and offer you one last chance at redress, failing which I take to the courts.

Thanking you,

Jenna Jenkins

12 Madison County Garden

New York