Construction Scope Statement

The construction scope statement deals with description of the work that is needed to be done in a construction project. This is created as a formal statement informing the team concerned about what needs to be done. This is a systematic approach to planning the project especially with a large group. This is generally done in the form of a contract and provided to those companies which are most suitable. The statement will contain reviews of the drawings and blueprints related to the project.

This is supposed to inform the project members what the foundation for the construction will like. Specific allocations will be given along with the project scope. The purpose of the project is highlighted in this statement along with the project requirements. There should be a proper detailed list provided of all that is needed from the construction project in the statement. This should be provided to the company with the best bid.

Sample Construction Scope Statement

Name of Company: Mac D Co.

Name of Company to handle project: HUY Constructions Ltd.

Scope Statement:

The following project deals with the construction of the Mac D company logo that will feature on the top of the main building in Washington, DC.

  • Scope: The logo to be built must be specific to the requirements stated in the brief. The outline has been provided in the blueprint. Please do not deviate and maintain uniformity. Any modifications must be checked with before assigning it to the main project.
  • Tentative timeline: Should be completed within 5 months of the brief provided. Delay will not be tolerated. Extensions must be requested.
  • Other requirements: The color should be red and only the specific palette that has been attached with the brief. Please do not replicate the previous company logo which was blue and grey.