Conference Scope Statement

The conference scope statement is created by the company management for the purpose of highlighting the requirements of a conference. The statement is created for the purpose of ensuring that all participants within the conference are aware of the basic aim for conducting it. This can also be for conferences that are held amongst different companies. The statement, then, covers the different goals and purposes that need to be achieved through this conference.

The scope statement is a formal way of organizing the conference. It is important to establish ground rules for such meetings since these pertain to the betterment of the company either for certain specific areas or for the company as a whole. Also, the statement is in the form of a contract. The employees or individuals concerned must adhere to the points mentioned within the statement so as to avoid confusion during the conference.

Sample Conference Scope Statement

This statement is strictly addressed to the Board Members of the Buena Vista Co. Please adhere to the following pointers mentioned below.

Conference Name: The World Animated Films’ Meet

Dated: 4.5.2012

Number of companies participating: 56

Host Company: Buena Vista Co.

Scope Statement:

As the date of the conference approaches, we have put together a few essential requirements that must be kept in mind on D-Day.

  • All companies must have their separate stall for display and presentation purposes
  • All company representatives must be greeted individually
  • All staying arrangements must be made prior to the conference held
  • All employees responsible for refreshments must be alert about the needs and requirements of the guest.

Please ensure the following:

  • Do not allow any confusion or disarray while setting up the stalls
  • Please remind the guests the main purpose of this meet: Displaying world cinema within the animated genre.