Computer Science Teaching Statement

Computer science teaching statement is a written document created by a teacher who wants to apply for a job as a computer science teacher in a school. By writing this statement, the teacher lets everyone know what his vision and goals as a teacher are and how he plans to achieve those goals. The statement helps the teacher to share his teaching strategies and also let the employer know about himself and his beliefs. While writing a computer science teaching statement, the teacher may add things like why he likes the subject and what are his credentials or past experience that will help him get the job.

Sample Computer Science Teaching Statement:

Name of teacher: Michelle Gomez

Date of Birth: 9/2/1981

School: Green View High School

Course Name/Code: Computer Science

Application Number: 223

Teaching Statement:

Please accept my application for the post of a computer science teacher at your school. My goal is to make the basic concepts of computer science clear to the students and also inculcate and interest in the subject. Computer science is a very important part of our daily lives and it is necessary for students to have the basic knowledge in it so that they can pursue careers in this field if they wish so.

My background as a software developer helps me to share my knowledge and experience with the students and apply that in my teaching style. I have received intensive training and have work experience in this field and hope to instill the same passion in my students too.

Thanking you,

Michelle Gomez,