Company Vision Statement

Every company, whether big or small, must have a vision statement to inspire employees, customers and stake holders alike. A company vision statement is a short but compelling statement that states what the company intends to achieve in coming years. A company vision statement is like a pointer whish remind everyone associated with the company where they are supposed   to head to. A vision statement must be realistic and achievable. If you cannot translate your vision into a reality, it is a waste of efforts, hence vision should be attainable. Once a company vision statement is formulated, make sure all your employees and customers are aware about and aim to achieve it.

Sample Company Vision Statement 1: It is the vision of our company to become the most preferred brand of writing tools world over. We aim to double our sales within the next two years in order to share a profitable rapport with our employees as well as stake holders.

Sample Company Vision Statement 2: Our aim is to become the best online service provider in order to fulfil needs of every customer. We plan to position ourselves at the top of the list with our services and facilities without compromising on our values and principles.

Sample Company Vision Statement 3: Within the next five years XXX aims to achieve annual revenues of over one million by providing timely and consistent services to our customers and by promoting our services to others, without compromising on our values and principles. We aim to raise our standards by manifolds within the next few years