Closing Statement Letter

The closing statement letter is useful for different purposes, mostly official. It is used in any transactions related to businesses or financial institutions. A closing letter often summarizes the entire process carried out so far and authenticates that none of the parties is indebted to either for any reason. The closing statement letter should essentially be professional in tone and must have the required amount of politeness to bring the parties to business again in future.

Sample Closing Statement Letter:


Mr. Carl Larson,

The Buyer,

44, Musgrove Terrace,

New York,

New York- 111234

6th June, 2011

Dear Mr. Carl Larson,

I have received your submission of the requisition form for the closing statement on the land property located on 26, Evergreen Lane, New York.

In addition to this, you are required to submit some more documents (details mentioned overleaf) that will provide ample proof about your credentials. This is mandatory along with the amount that has been mentioned in the closing statement. Photocopies of social security documents and passport need to be submitted within two weeks of the receipt of this letter. It would be advisable to have recommendation letters from employers along with the aforementioned documents.

I have evaluated the property and have stated the estimated cost of the closing statement which is approximately $54,998. Please make all due payments in time. In case there is any delay or deferment of payment, please inform us accordingly. Please feel free to reach out for any issues at the address mentioned overleaf.

Yours sincerely,

Carolyn Smith,