Classroom Mission Statement

A classroom mission statement would obviously contain details of the missions set to be achieved within a classroom. A classroom is an educational area and academic procedures are generally conducted here, so the mission statement will naturally outline the specific code of conduct to be followed. Such a mission statement is generally framed by the faculty in-charge of the particular classroom or some other member of the respective organization.

Sample Classroom Mission Statement:

Name of the institution: St. Patrick School

Classroom: Class VII, Section – B2

Total number of students: 50

Class teacher: Jacob Andrews

Age: 27 years

Mission statement submitted on: 8th July, 2011

Statement approved by: Richard Martin


St. Patrick School

Details: The classroom comprises of 50 students of different academic and extra-curricular calibre. They are given regular lessons in all subjects of the curriculum and practical sessions are conducted. Physical training, music, dance, and drama classes are conducted in the school, the basic theories of which are taught in this classroom.

Purpose: The students have to be trained in the proper direction such that they become knowledgeable and responsible citizens of our nation; hence, the mission statements are prepared to give them an idea of the tasks to be completed by them within the stipulated time span.

Mission statement of our classroom:

  • The first and foremost target is to maintain the classroom decorum and follow the basic rules of punctuality, discipline, obedience, group spirit, etc., which will eventually help the students to evolve as better and successful individuals.
  • We try to give maximum possible attention to each child present in the classroom and hone his/ her academic as well as extra-curricular skills.
  • We aim to incorporate a visual device in the classroom that will make lessons interesting and students will get to interact more.

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