Classroom Management Statement

The classroom management statement is issued by the educational institute officials as a means of stating the responsibilities and obligations of the faculty and student members. This needs to be strictly followed by both parties in order to ensure discipline within the academic institute. This can be used in schools, colleges, universities and even private institutes. The main aim is to ensure that all members of the academic community are aware of the sense of duty that needs to be followed and maintained for a proper running of the institute.

Sample Classroom Management Statement

The State University of Washington has issued the following Classroom Management Statement.

All members of the academic community have an obligation to ensure an environment apt for learning and gaining knowledge. This means a responsibility that must be fulfilled by both the faculty members and students of the University of Washington. Each member must be responsible for giving and receiving positive education both in an out of the university.

There should be no such interruption or disruption during this transaction. The standards of quality education must be maintained in accordance with the University rules and regulations. Strict abidance of the syllabus must be followed.

In case of misbehavior, the student will be warned by the faculty member and if this pursues there will be immediate rustication of the student. There will be additional responsibilities given to the faculty member with regards to the misbehavior and a proper consultation with the student-body representatives will follow in deciding the proper action to be taken.