Church Mission Statement

A church mission statement delivers the general platform on which the doctrines of a religious Christian organization are based. It represents the purpose or reason behind running the organization and the way it imparts the gospels of god. It should be created whole heartedly by delving into the achievements the church wishes to make through its teachings.

Sample Church Mission Statement

Name of the church: God Bless You

Date of foundation: 8th January, 1890

Name of official preparing the mission statement: Sebastian Old, Priest

Date of preparation: 6th January, 1890

Time of opening: 10 am to 6 pm

Description: The church was built in the peaceful and serene place of Elizabeth Town, situated in the fringes of Florida, where disciples could practice and spread the faith among non-devotees.

Motto: It is a catholic church and follows the orthodox principles of Christianity which is highly reflected in the services, practices and worship of the missionaries.

Mission statements:

  • We regard Christ as the ultimate source of all power and that no being, natural or supernatural can surpass his superiority.
  • We inspire God’s followers to read and internalize the teachings of the Bible and use the preaching in their daily life.
  • The philosophy of our discourse is righteousness in whatever one pursues and whatever one delivers.
  • Health and body takes pride of place in our teachings as respect for one’s corporal existence is equivalent to respect for God and we strongly believe in the concept of atonement.
  • We aspire to bring in and baptize all strata of people irrespective of caste.

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