Christian Mission Statement

A Christian mission statement is the dictum or the beliefs of a person following the Christ’s discipline and faith intensely. It outlines the various commitments that a Christian is believed to perform in his lifetime. The list should be conspicuously laid down including the service methods, scope of work and how well these go with the person’s passion.

Mission Statement in Google Docs

Mission Statement in Google Docs

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Sample Christian Mission Statement

Name of the person: Dick Ross

Date of birth: 7th August, 1980

Economic Status: Rich

Religious Associations:

  • Member of the St. Paul’s Congregation
  • Member of the Monthly Charity organized by Basilica Church

Basis: The statements are crafted along the path created by God for the people and the plans kept in store for them individually.

Sources and References:

1. God’s Plan and Your Work by Laura Lenis

2. Understanding God’s Will by Antonio Smith

God’s mission statement: God commands me to work selflessly for everyone, especially the needy and the poor, without anticipating any outcome.

Service statement: The service begins at home from emancipating laborers and servants to extending materialistic and emotional support to the homeless and the children.

Personality and talent statement: I am blessed with kind heart and philanthropic mind which urges me all the more to contribute to charity work and services of the church.

Passion statement: My passion lies in obeying god’s orders and the orders are pivotal to spreading happiness and joy among the underprivileged.

Community statement: The community of my services is not biased within fellow Christians.

Contribution statement: The contributions may not be immense but it would be significant at the end.

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