Charity Mission Statement

Charity mission statement is an essential document which recites the reason of existence and kind of charity operation performed by any particular charitable organization. Such a statement concisely highlight main viewpoint of the organization in an organized format. However, such a statement always contains pertinent information in the lineaments about the concern charity organization.

Sample Charity Mission Statement

Name of the charitable organization: TOMORROW’S Nation

Year of establishment: 2009

Charity mission statement prepared by: Richard Augustine, Founder [TOMORROW’S Nation] and Environmental Activist.


TOMORROW’S Nation is an initiative taken by USA government for upbringing the underprivileged children around the world. This charity organization is operative in various countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and many others where it has brought several changes.

Some of the significant changes among them are like ensuring proper and on time vaccination, upliftment of girl’s education, building schools for children education and hospitals. Recently, the organization is working on abolishing malnutrition. Various other charity programs concerning women are also in operation on the above mentioned places.


We want a world where all children irrespective of their gender, caste, creed, class, race, colour, ethnicity, faith, mental and physical ability etc would receive equal opportunity to have all round development in them.

Hence, our mission is to assist those children who are deprived and is not provided with ample opportunities to expose their potential. We want to motivate them to confront with the challenges or situation through the potential of sound body and mind.

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