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Work Statements

Work statements can be of many kinds. A work statement may indicate a statement of intent which is demanded of a candidate during an interview and which highlights his aims and ambitions regarding a particular post. Such a work statement must be crisp, business-like and pragmatic highlighting what work means to the candidate and how he shall approach it. Work statements may also refer to the following:

  • A statement of work shows the amount or nature of work that has been done during a particular period of time, by a particular department or individual. It is a sort of report highlighting the main achievements that have been fulfilled, and suggesting the changes which can be incorporated to perform better.
  • A work statement can also be a statement of work which is provided by an employer to an employee detailing the exact objectives which have to be achieved by the latter. It is a dossier on the kind of work expected to be done and containing all details relating to that particular work.

Thus, there are many kinds of work statements which are differentiated on the basis of what their aims are. All of them must be approached individually and this makes the perusal of work statements very important.

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