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Environmental Impact Statement

An environmental impact statement is one that defines a specific element of the environment that describe both the pros and cons of an action. This statement helps identify elements that can harm the environment in many ways. An environmental impact statement or also known as EIS is divided into four sections divided into purpose, description, proposed action and lastly analysis.

Besides these, an EIS statement may also include financial implications and any other state legislative information that is of vital importance. A sample EIS for industrial pollution is provided here below for better understanding of the topic.

Sample Environmental Impact Statement

Title of EIS – Impact of Chemical Manufacturing Unit at Hamilton

Purpose of EIS   

  • The objective of this EIS is to analyze the environmental impact of the chemical manufacturing unit that is proposed to be set up in future.
  • Forecasting various aspects by taking into account construction, infrastructure, operation, dispelling chemical waste.

Description of EIS

  • Suggest measures that can help in taking corrective according to legislation applicable in the respective area.
  • Evaluation and report submission based on various survey methodologies used along with inputs from chemical unit head.

Proposed Action

  • To conduct survey of natural climatic condition on the chemical unit location.
  • To collect samples of land, water and air in the unit location.
  • To conduct sociological survey of the surrounding area of the unit location.
  • To provide report for both positive and negative impacts of the unit.


  • To conduct detailed review of the samples collected to identify potential hazards on account of the chemical unit.
  • Evaluation of the climatic conditions, temperature, humidity etc that can affect the chemical manufacturing in all possible ways.
  • Analysis of water samples obtained for potential dangers of land pollution.
  • Obtaining opinion of local health administration department for further analysis of surrounding environment.