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Medical Billing and Coding Objective Statement

The medical billing and coding objective statement is one which is provided by a candidate who wants to works in a healthcare system. The role of a medical and billing candidate in a healthcare unit is indispensable due to the process of work flow required to be fulfilled by the candidate. The candidate is required to handle billing information of healthcare patients. Apart from the billing information the candidate is required to maintain coding information wherein proper codes for the procedures performed by the doctors are entered in the system.

Therefore the objective statement of a medical billing and coding candidate should be one that reflects good knowledge of medical terminology apart from key skills that are essential for the said position. On account of the extensive competition in the medical field for jobs of similar profile the candidate should provide a very clear and specific objective statement that is unique and encourages the employer to shortlist the candidate profile.

Sample Medical Billing and Coding Objective Statement

Name of the medical billing and coding candidate – Thomas Alva Edison

Age – 25 years

Gender – Male

Marital Status – Single

Position being applied for – Medical Billing and Coding Executive

Educational Qualifications :

  1. Bachelors in Science from the University of Manchester, London in the year 2010 with good grades.
  2. I am a Certified Professional Coder which I have acquired in the 2013 from the Academy of Professional Coders, London.

Objective Statement :

I desire to acquire a good position in the field of medical billing and coding wherein my extensive medical doing knowledge and expertise acquired through academics is put to best use. I have good knowledge of various CPT and ICT coding techniques that will be helpful for the healthcare organization that hires me to attain smooth flow of everyday operations. Also my thorough knowledge of medical; terminology will be very useful in handling the billing system and streamlining it effectively.