Cash Income Statement

A cash income statement correctly frames the income details of a company that is received in cash. Since a major part of the income is earned in credit or bonds, only a limited portion of the revenue is gained in hard cash. Thus the document is written in a consolidated form depicting the profits generated in cash.

Sample Cash Income Statement:

Holy Departmental Store

Monthly Cash Income Statement

The following is the monthly cash income statement of the concerned store irrespective of the expenses incurred on the services.

Income statement of: Mr. Denmark Hood

Location of the store: 5, Bunny Street, New Yorkshire

Date of establishment: 4th January, 2011

Timings: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Closed on Sundays)

Items sold: Groceries, stationeries and cosmetics

Number of employees: 10

Average monthly cash flow accounts:

Cash income statement given for: Wheat (grocery)

Quantity of wheat purchased from dealer each month: 100 kg

Purchase rate of wheat per kg including transportation charges and miscellaneous charges: $3.00

Sale rate of wheat per kg: $4.00

Total profit earned on the said item: $100.00

Financing activities:

Operating finances: The sale tax levied on the total sales is 12% which comes to around $8000

Investing finances: The amount of initial investment made on the set-up of the store and basic construction is $400012

Insurances guaranteed on the store: The store is insured for an amount of $60000 in case of loss or severe damage.

Supplementing finances: The accompanying costs include footage of electricity bills, income tax, interest rates, employee wages and benefits.

The cash balance left at the end of the month: $4728288

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