Case Management Statement

The case management statement is required to be filled in by both parties that are involved in a legal suit. This is a legal procedure and is mostly concerned with general civil cases. The statement is filed six months after the complaint is made. This is applicable for both limited and unlimited cases. This is actually a mandatory Judicial Council form that is applicable in every State. The statement takes down the necessary details of both the plaintiff and the defendant and the nature of the complaint and cross complaints. It is important to read through the form carefully before filling it in.

Sample Case Management Statement

The following Case management statement has been filed under the Superior Court of California

Attorney or Party without Attorney: Mr. Raymond, Attorney of Law

Case no.: A11239

Plaintiff: Mr. Paul Giovanni

Defendant: Mr. George Luc

Case Management Statement for Unlimited Case

Type of Case: Complaint

All parties named in the complaint have been served.

Brief Statement of the case: Mr. Paul Giovanni’s car was severely damaged by Mr. George Luc’s reckless drunk driving and hence, proper and necessary expenses must be met by Mr. Luc.

Jury or Nonjury: Both parties request a nonjury trial.

Trial Date: 14th August, 2012

Estimated length of trial: 4 days

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Both parties have agreed to the Settlement Conference.

Discovery: All discoveries for the case have been made by the plaintiff.

Meet and Confer: The parties have met and conferred over all the requirements as mentioned in the California Civil Court Law

Date: 15.2.2012


Plaintiff: _______________

Defendant: _________________