Career Statements

Career statements are the declaration of the goals, aspirations and skills of an individual. They allow a glance into the candidate’s plans for himself and his career. Certain factors that must be kept in mind are as follows:

  • Readability: A career statement must be accessible without being verbose.
  • Honesty: It is a fair and just assessment of one’s capabilities.
  • Comprehensiveness: It should cover all the areas that an employer may want to explore.
  • Modesty: The tone should not be boastful but courteous.
  • Realistic expectations: It should not be unrealistic and erroneous but fair and astute.

There are primarily two types of career statement. They are as follows:

  • Long term career statement: A long term career statement must cover all the aspects of an individual’s professional life, including personal data, educational qualifications and work experience. However, the most important consideration is the person’s own estimate of his abilities and his vision for his growth and success. It is especially useful for individuals who are embarking on their careers for the first time.
  • Short term career statement: This is more specific than the long term career statement. It is specially designed keeping a particular phase of one’s career in mind and hence is more precise and less detailed.

Other kinds of career statement are subsets of these two broad categories. They can be even more specific aiming at one particular position as well.

The importance of a career statement is enormous. It is an important document as most employers and interview boards assess the potential of a candidate by the way he envisions his career and his long term plans. It can make or break careers and offer enormous insight into the potential of an individual. Since it forms such an important tool for assessing a candidate, great care must be given while framing career statements.

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