Career Statement Template

A career statement template is a document which provides a frame for a career statement. It highlights the manner in which objectives can be included and gives an overall scheme for framing a career statement. It must be written with a tone of courtesy and humility but the career objectives must be put forward firmly with conviction.

Sample Career Statement Template:

Name: _______________________________

Age: _________________________________ [Fill in the necessary personal details]

Job position sought: ___________________ [Mention the job position for which the career stamen is being framed]

Educational qualification:

  • Level 1: _____________________
  • Level 2: ______________________
  • Level 3: ______________________ [Mention the relevant academic information corresponding to various levels like schools, and college]

I aim to provide dedication and sincerity as a part of my professional skills. I am willing to learn and my career will not only be restricted or constricted but will also reflect the kind of person I. I envision a symbiotic relationship between myself and my job and each will help the other grow and proliferate into newer and better opportunities. Some of my career objectives are as follows:

Career objective 1: ________________________________

Career objective 2: _________________________________

Career objective 3: __________________________________ [Mention some career objectives or goals which shape the way the candidate thinks about his professional future]

Soft skills which equip me with the necessary training for this particular job position:

Soft skill 1: ___________________

Soft skill 2: ___________________

Soft skill 3: ___________________ [Mention some other areas, apart from academics, which adequately prepares the candidate for a particular job position]

Thanking you, ________________________________ [Signature of the candidate]

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