Career Statement Format

A career statement format is a document which serves to highlight the professional objectives of an individual. A career statement must be written with a definite objective in mind and it forms the first impression of a prospective employer to an employee. A career statement format must hence be precise and carefully written.

Sample Career Statement Format

Name: _______________________

Qualification: __________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a career statement format must begin with a description of the educational qualifications of the candidate. It should be courteous in tone and specific as well as relevant. There must be absolute clarification as far as this section is concerned and the details provided must be backed up by mark sheets and other relevant documents. A career statement format must have a vision and it must be unique in order to attract attention at the very first glance.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a career statement must move on to the individual goals and objectives of the candidate. They must be reachable, practical yet impassioned. This section of the career statement is extremely important as it will be judged for both skill and content. The content determines the vision of the candidate and enumerates his concept of professional success without compromising integrity or honesty.

Third Paragraph:  The third paragraph of a career statement must form a fitting conclusion. It must conclude the career statement with an outline of the candidate’s assurance of sincerity and dedication in his work. It is important that the career statement is concluded well as that will leave a permanent impression.

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