Career Plan Statement

Career plan statements are those statements which are related to what one person plans to do in the career he/she is aiming for. These statements are written by an applicant when applying for a specific career and state the specific goals and aims in that person’s life. One gives an account of his skills and qualifications which are necessary for that particular job and also gives an account of their experiences which shows their competence for the job.

While writing the career plan statement a person tries to show his capability for succeeding in that career as well as his/her willingness to be a part of that career.

Sample career plan statement 1: I have a great regard for this profession and believe that I would be a great asset to the company. I have all the professional skills required for this job and have completed my graduation with good scores. I have done vast research in this subject and truly believe that I can achieve great heights in this stream.

Sample career plan statement 2: I have vast experience in this profession and have always shown good results in the past. My previous employers have always been happy with my work and now I want to move on much higher level as to achieve greater heights. I am never scared of hard work and plan to give my best for this career. I have worked in all sort of streams such as one related to organization, planning or management. I am capable of performing best in any one of these.

Sample career plan statement 3: I know that I have that talent and capacity required for this career. If given a chance I would prove my worth to others and hope to be an important part of your company. I believe that my hard work and skills would support my throughout and will prove to be a great advantage for you.6