Career Philosophy Statement

Career philosophy statement is written by an aspiring candidate aiming to enter a particular career such as working as a teacher, doctor, sales or marketing etc. Here the candidate specifically conveys to the employer, what is his/her philosophy regarding that career is. The person needs to be very specific about his/her goals and ambitions and as to what he wants to achieve in that career. Further one needs to give an account of one’s capabilities, skills and capacities relevant to get into that career. Given below is a sample of one such career philosophy statement which can be used for reference.

Sample Career Philosophy Statement:

Name: Melissa Johnson

Address: 32 b new Denham, London

Date of birth: 2nd may 1990

University/college: Cambridge University

Form no.: 621114

Career statement:

I, Melissa Johnson would like to apply for the job of a teacher for the academic year of 2011-2012.I want to be a good and successful teacher and wish to give meaning to a student’s life. My ambition is to be a teacher as I would like to share my thoughts and knowledge with others. I really have immense respect for this career as I know it’s an important job to shape others future and to communicate one’s own thoughts to others.

I have done my major in history honors from Cambridge university and further completed my M.A and M. PHIL for the same in year 2010-2011. I have successfully cleared my net entrance exam with the percentile of 70%. I have some experience in teaching as I have assisted my lecturers for the time period of 2 years.

It would be my great honor to be a part of your school and to work with you. I would give my hundred percent if I would get a chance to prove my self

Thanking you

Melissa Johnson

Denham, London