Career Personal Statement

A career personal statement is a statement or official write up which is written by a person to specify the various skills and qualifications he/she possesses. These statements are written in order to be hired by a company or organisation and are effective in conveying the specific details of the candidate which might be important for the recruiter to know. A career personal statement must also focus upon the work experience, training details and educational qualifications of the candidate in brief. Given below is a sample of a career personal statement which can be referred to for help.

Sample career personal statement 1:

I wish to be a part of a reputed organisation which will not only given me a chance to use and utilise my extensive skills as a software engineer but also help me realise my true potential and push me to the extreme limits. I can be an asset for a company if given a chance.

Sample career personal statement 2:

I, Matt Damon, a student of Finance and an experienced employee of a private bank am interested in a career in Finance related field in your company. I am particularly interested in a job profile which will give me an opportunity to dig further into the financial aspects related to a working organisation. Having a Master’s degree in this field, i consider myself a thorough when it comes to knowing the nuances of Finance.

Sample career personal statement 3:

I have had a short but extensive experience of the field of teaching but I am willing to learn a lot more and deliver my best by working in a high school as an English Teacher. I am a hardworking individual who has a strong personality and a good clear voice which will help me move ahead in this profession with ease.