Career Aspirations Statement

Career aspirations statement is a well detailed write up by a person explaining his/her career aspirations to a recruiter or potential employer. These statements are used by people to focus upon the expectations they have from about their career or what they wish to achieve through the job position they are applying to. These statements must be formal and well drafted and should be used to convey the honest aspirations and goals of the candidate. A sample of a career aspirations statement has been provided below which can be used by anyone to draft their own.

Sample Career Aspirations Statement:

Name: Peter Raymond

Applying for job position: Sales manager

Date of birth: 23/5/1984

Gender: Male

Current employment status: not employed

Qualifications: Pursued MBA from University of California (2005)

Application number: 45/p

Career aspirations statement:

I, Peter Raymond write to you sir with an appeal to hire me for the position of the sales manager of the California region. I apply for this position with the realisation that i possess the necessary experience and the requisite educational qualifications. I am a skilled worker who has an experience of 4 years in the sales field.

Every person has certain dreams and aspirations as far as his career is concerned, and so do i. I have been aware of my strong interpersonal skills and convincing abilities ever since i was in graduation school.  Thus my goal was quite clear to me; i wanted to be a successful sales manager in a reputed company. I wish to contribute to the success of a company through my exceptional selling strategies and organisation skills. I have a dream to nurture and it involves extensive experience and loads of hard work for which i am ready and willing. I wish to work closely with the entire sales team and look into it that every deadline is met and every sales figure is achieved.

Thanking you

Peter Raymond