Business Vision Statement

A business vision statement should clearly point out the long-term goals of a business organization that aims to serve humanity. It should be professional in approach, yet should contain a special feel that will attract customers and convince them that the firm works for them and will always do so. The presentation should be such that it inspires members of the business house also to work sincerely for satisfying clients.

Sample Business Vision Statement:

Name of the business: Blooms’ Play School

Address: 15, Richard Lane, London.

Contact details: 86719463964377 [phone number] [web address]

Business vision statement prepared on: 3rd July, 2011

Knowing us:

The Blooms’ Play School was established on the 15th of May, 1990 and has since then been serving working parents in a way by taking complete care of their kids while they are away for work. We consider it our first and foremost duty to help the upbringing of all kids who come to our crèche.

Our visions:

  • To provide all kids with basic kindergarten lessons through playful activities.
  • To ensure the best care and attention to each child and focus on individual development.
  • We wish to involve more members to serve the organization so as to act with perfect responsibility and concern.
  • It has been planned that the Blooms’ Play School will spread its wings within a minimum of five years and introduce a chain of other play schools in and around the country.
  • Our students will be provided with the basic education so as to instill in them values and etiquettes at even a tender age.

Business vision statement prepared by:

Mike Gomes, Managing Director

__________________________ [signature]

Rimiva Sharon, Research Head

____________________________ [signature]


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