Business Scope Statement

A business scope statement is a document which outlines the project purpose and aims of a business enterprise. In other words, the nature of the project, its targets and achievable objectives must be mentioned in the business scope statement. The statement should be composed by one who is well versed in the project details and can frame it properly. The scope should be pragmatic and realistic, and all efforts to maintain accuracy should be made.

Sample Business Scope Statement

Project objectives:

This project is aimed at creating a viable target audience for our range of Kitchen Appliances, called Gizmo Cook, which is a new and innovative entrant into the market of home appliances. We aim at popularizing this line, targeted at upper middle class urban audiences with little time to spend in the kitchen.

Project Justification:

We feel justified in launching this project due to an overwhelming demand for smart, cutting edge and automatic kitchen appliances from our customers. This project has been undertaken after extensive research into the lifestyle of urban couples, and is primarily aimed at them.

Project Items:

The chief products in this line include modular kitchens, effective and automatic appliances dish washers, high range ovens and cooking ranges, smaller gadgets like juicers, blenders, and other kitchen appliances like heat resistant and long serving crockery. The Gizmo Cook range is designed with an organic unity that is reflected in similarities of tone, color, style, finish and so on.

Project deadline:

The project shall be completed no later than June 2012.