Business Quality Statement

A business quality statement basically provides a record of the quality visions set by a business organization. As clear from the term, the basic purpose of such a statement is to ensure a quality standard of goods and services to be provided to customers and should thus be accurate from the marketing point of view.

Sample Business Quality Statement:

Name of the business firm: InfoTech Solutions.

Address of the organization: 88, Lenin Street

New York

Contact number: 45839627482900


Summary of the business:

  • This business organization, the InfoTech Solutions, is an established software company that designs basic and important software required for the smooth functioning of various educational and training institutes and also effectively detangles any software complexities.
  • It works in collaboration with a number of renowned institutes such as the International Institute of Applied Sciences, U.S High School, U.S. School for Performing Arts, International Training and Polytechnic School, etc.
  • We have always performed to the best of our abilities, with sincere effort by our employees, and have almost always provided our clients with the best services.

Quality statement of our business:

  • We make it clear to all our employees that quality should never be compromised with, under any circumstances as that would go terribly against our basic principles.
  • Our goal is to indulge in a constant developmental process that would help to enhance the quality of our services and the standard of products we deliver.
  • We believe in innovation to improve the quality and depend on team work to achieve the desired performance.
  • Our management process is so designed that it not only conforms with the set quality standards but also ensure improvement of business policies to occur continually

Business Quality Statement prepared by: Mr. Richard Martin

Managing Head

Quality Control Department.


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