Business Purpose Statement

A business purpose statement tracks the purpose and idea behind laying down a business eloquently. It gives an extensive idea about the inspirations and obstacles that caution the business and its unseen fight against them. It must be stated by a reliable insider who is associated with the business and knows the exact way to articulate the mission of the company.

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Sample Business Purpose Statement

Business Purpose Statement

Download Business Purpose Statement

Name of the business company: INC 6

Product transacted in the business: Shoes, bags, belts

Business established on: 7th August, 2011

Description of the business: The Company is involved in manufacturing and distributing products to the flagship stores in the town. It makes profits from sale of the products that are loyally endorsed by a large number of customers accounting to the current fame of the company as a whole.

Motto: The Company dictum is centred on wider success and greater victory by becoming the best brand among all the existing brands in the market.

Purpose Statements

1. We strongly believe in providing quality service to our customers as quality materials that go into manufacturing of a product is the key to their greater longevity and satisfaction of the customers.

2. We like to distribute the products to individual stores according to the level of affordability of the products in that area so that the needs of customers of all sections are catered equivalently.

3. We work on building our relation with myriad advertisers as we want the business to grow and the products to be recognised more. Seeing the business prosper through connections and awareness is our vision.

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