Business Proposal Statement

A business proposal statement is one that is prepared by a business unit to provide the business plan. This statement has all the essential details of the business such as company vision, company mission, purpose of business etc. The business proposal statement is of crucial importance for a new business as it is the executive summary statement of the business.

This statement also reflects the levels of professionalism followed by the company during the course of its functioning. A well written business proposal statement also helps in securing funding for the business by attracting the attention of investors. A sample business proposal statement is provided here below for better understanding.

Sample Business Proposal Statement

Name of the company                         –           M/s Jonathan Livingston Private Ltd

Registered Address of the company   –          #45, Hampton Street, Liverpool, London, HA4455

Contact number of company              –           011-445-9999

Email address of company                 – 

Website of the company                    –  

Business plan copy number               –            JL2540

Summary of Business

Our new business in the field of automobile dealership will be located at Hamptons street as it is one of the most ideal locations for an automobile spare parts company. We plan to start with a funding of 2, 00,000 pounds initially and expand in the next three years.

Services of Our Company 

The aim of our company is to provide automobile spare parts to customers are affordable rates as we are manufacturers of the spare parts. Due to self production we can provide the spare parts are very competitive rates to our customers.

Even though we have been part of the automobile business for the past 10 years, this is the first time we are planning on retailing automobile spare parts and expect a huge response from customers.

Mission Statement of Company

To excel in the field of automobile spare parts retailing by offering affordable spare parts of good quality to customers.