Business Property Statement

A business property statement is a document which outlines the details about the property on which the business will be, or is currently, located. It may also include documents where the business property assumes significance due to a particular reason. A business property document must be clear and precise. It must be ratified by all parties whose consent is necessary for the legality and transparency of the business property statement.

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Sample Business Property Statement:

Business Property Statement

Download Business Property Statement

The following is the business property statement of Singe Pvt. Ltd., ratified by the fifth meeting of the Board of Directors on the 5th of July 2011. Copies of the same have been mailed to each board member and others concerned. The document has been drawn up by Messr. Jarndyce and Jarndyce and validated by a public notary and the State of New York.

Name of business: Singe Pvt. Ltd

Year of establishment: 2001

Current location: On a property of 2 acres off the New York State Highway Intersection 2

Purpose of the business property statement:

  • To announce the opening of our branch office in another property that has been purchased by us.
  • To ensure that there is total transparency within and without the business establishment regarding the two properties we currently own.

Property 1: Location of current office.

  • Leased valid for: 90 years
  • Leased issued by: New York State Government
  • Area: 2 acres [current valuation: $20 million]

Property 2: Location of upcoming branch

  • Location: 45B Maddington High School Road, New Jersey
  • Lease valid for: 100 years
  • Lease issued by: New Jersey Land Union
  • Area: 5 acres [current valuation: $50 million]

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