Business Problem Statement

A business problem statement is a document which highlights the problems or obstacles facing the setup or smooth operation of a business enterprise. The problems can range from labor problems to cost inflation. This kind of a document must be written very carefully as it becomes a valuable document to refer to while sorting out the problems mentioned therein.

Sample Business Problem Statement:

Name of business enterprise: Jensen Book Traders

Year of establishment: 2011

Date of submission of business problem statement: 22nd July 2011

Business problem statement prepared by: Jacob Rogers of Jensen Book Traders

Nature of business problem statement:

  • This business problem statement is a document outlining some areas which need to be improved upon for the success of our latest business venture, Jensen Book Traders.
  • This document has been prepared by our staff after intensive research into some of the problems plaguing the business enterprise.
  • This document is does not guarantee an acceptance of the points out forth.

Areas of improvement in the business enterprise:

  • One of the chief problems plaguing our business is the lack of interest in the kind of books we deal with chiefly. Hence there is an urgent need for expansion and diversification as far as our choice and range of books are concerned.
  • The other problem that has resulted in complications is the absence of a suitable reading public. There is hardly anything we can do about this but we can attract potential readers by offering discounts on purchases to tide us over the initial lag.

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