Business Positioning Statement

A business positioning statement is the statement referring to the position of a company or business in the market in all respects. It is a comparative situation in which the company‘s success is estimated from the position it holds and the differences between the concerned business and other similar businesses. It is written by an analyst who reads into the situation and prepares it.

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Sample Business Positioning Statement

Business Positioning Statement

Download Business Positioning Statement

Name of the business company: Lintas Advertising Agency (LAA)

Nature of business: Marketing, advertising, promoting, networking and other social connections

Business overview: Our Company is a successful marketing firm that creates its own rules and targets for each type of product. It makes use of some of the best faces in the business and has the greatest visibility among the customers at present due to its practical marketing plans.

List of competitors for the company:

  • Tata Advertising Group
  • Tower Marketers

Positioning Statements

  • Our main target includes the customers belonging to the affluent stratum of the society. The ads are designed depending on the product and what reason it is marketed for.
  • Our frame of reference is strictly devoted to marketing and promoting business that focuses on product recognition and sale. However our modus operandi is different from other firms.
  • The significant point of difference with other leading companies lies in our sensitivity to our client’s needs. We make the plans in harmony with the client’s ability to pay.
  • If the desired results are not reached, we guarantee a payback concession which is enough as a reason to trust us.

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