Business Plan Vision Statement

A well drafted business vision statement enumerates the aims and ambitions of what the company aims to achieve in near future. It is a main aspect of a business plan as it shows what you think to achieve on starting the said business. It adds a great deal of substance to your business plan.

It is believed that only when you have a vision to achieve something, you work towards achieving it; hence it is advisable to include a vision statement in your business plan. The vision should be to the point and crisp. It should not be lengthy or superficial; instead you must write a vision statement that can be realized.

Sample Business plan vision statement 1: Five years from now my company__________ (name of the company) will generate revenues of over a million dollars annually by providing best products and services to the customer base and constantly innovating to produce new and better products.

Sample Business plan vision statement 2: Our Company will develop strong ties with our key retailers which will make us an indispensible part of their businesses. We will serve each retailer with consistent service that will strengthen our ties manifolds. We will see to it that our employees are always well remunerated as they are an asset to our company.

Sample Business plan vision statement 3: Our company __________ (name of the company) plans to provide _______________ (service/product) to our target markets so as to build a strong network of customers within the first year of conception.



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