Business Mission Statement

A business mission statement is designed to outline the various goals and missions the business firm places so as to achieve these within a stipulated time span and benefit the society favourably. This type of a statement requires a concise and convincing yet professional approach so as to describe its strategies, targets and expectations as well as build up an ethical and profitable public image.

Sample Business Mission Statement:

Name of the business firm: Tanmaco Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 57, Houston Lane

New York

Contact Number: 89472945620568

Website address:

Date of submission of the business mission statement: 8th July, 2011

Statement of missions of the business prepared by: Mr. John Stephen, Managing Director and Miss Samantha Johannson, PR Head.

Business overview: Our company basically deals with the manufacture of leather products, providing a range of items such as bags, belts and many other accessory goods that are aimed at all levels of people in the society.

Our missions:

  • To provide all clients with the best and most innovative quality products and make a mark in the society, to expand the business further.
  • We promise to provide a diverse range of products at reasonable prices that will be affordable by all.
  • It has always been and will remain our primary goal to first study the market and customer demands thoroughly and then design products so as to meet their needs.
  • We accept that leather processing does bring in a lot of environmental problems and hence we aim to serve necessity and not just for show.
  • Efficiency and sincerity are our key motives.

Signature of officials presenting the mission statement:

________________________________ [1st official]

________________________________ [2nd official]


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