Business Management Statement

A business management statement is a statement which the business management department or team of a company issues to inform everyone about the kinds of goals and objectives the company has for its business management and what are the plans and methods to achieve those goals. The statement is very important not just for the company but also for its customers and clients as it helps them get an insight into the thinking and working process of the organization and how it management functions on an everyday basis. The statement must speak about the aim and mission and should be strong, convincing yet brief. For reference and help, a sample of a business management statement is given below and can be used by the ones who need to draft similar statement.

Sample Business Management Statement:

Name of the business firm: Reynold IT Corporation and Solutions Private Limited

Address of the business firm: A-34, second floor, Potter’s enclave, Peterson lane, London

Name of the owner of the company: Jack Reynold

Business manager of the company: Greg Andrews

Business management ideas and ideology

  • To have a business management system which works towards the effective administration and management of the entire company but divided on the basis of departments.
  • Each department is to have its own senior manager, junior manager and other managerial or administrative positions.
  • Business management being the most important areas of a business, the amount of money and time spent on recruiting managers must be justified and reasonable.

Business management statement:

To work towards building a well-managed office environment and top quality business administration by dividing administrative duties among the members of the administrative department throughout the company. To have a well-organized functioning and properly synchronized tasks across the various segments of the business by the means of business management.