Business Goal Statement

A business goal statement is a document which outlines the aspirations of individuals connected with a business, or the goals of the business as the name makes clear. It must be written clearly with a definite objective in mind. Rational and feasible business goals which give an indication of planning and thought behind them must be a part of such business goal statements.

Sample Business Goal statement:

Name of business: Redford Traders Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of business: We are wholesale traders in stationery items like pins, clips, pens, paper, boards, notebooks etc. Our USP is the availability of excellent quality items at very reasonable rates. Since we sell directly to distributors and shop owners, we have no middleman to inflate prices or create hassles. Thus our products are delivered to our clients faster and at cheaper rates.

We aspire to:

  • Becoming the most popular and noted wholesale trader of stationery items in the city.
  • We have already created a niche for ourselves in the market due to our product quality and excellent post sales service.
  • However, we hope to improve our services even more and expand as well so that more and more distributors and shopkeepers can avail of our benefits without the hindrance of middlemen who raise prices and delay delivery.
  • We hope to deal in more items of stationery like imported handcrafted paper from Italy, collector’s items like custom designed pens etc. These are expensive items and thus we are looking for a suitable opportunity to bring these goods to our patrons.


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