Business Development Statement

A business development statement is detailed account of the business goals and strategies highlighting the prospective areas of growth and debunking the areas of failure. A business development policy is deepened by the missions adopted by the company. It must be written precisely so that the management can deliver the functions in sync with it.

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Sample Business Development Statement

Business Development Statement

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Name of the company: Hazel Magazine Company (HMC)

Business area: Magazines and weeklies

Date of establishment: 7th September, 2004

Company overview: HMC stands undefeated even in this age of stiff competition and has overruled all market fiascos by virtue of its business principles, strategies and methods. It has made magnificent strides to fulfil its customers’ expectations and has succeeded.

Business Development Statements

  • Business goals:

The objective is to expand the business extent wise by reaching out to wider readers from all walks of life including academic, fashion, celluloid, lifestyle and other fraternities.

  • Business plans and strategies:

Our future plans are committed to the rebuild of promotional activities by joining hands with major marketing companies and by bringing in professional luminaries under the patronage to write columns.

  • Business project list:

The immediate projects include introduction of a new column stressing on the important foreign locales that have emerged triumphant in grabbing tourist interest. It would carry all the information covering its cost, mode of transport and hotel contacts.

  • Business ethos:

We believe to work with utmost sincerity and honesty so that readers are not only satisfied to their hearts’ content but also benefit from the content provided by applying the thumb-rules.

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