Business Confidentiality Statement

A business confidentiality statement, also known as non-disclosure statement, is a legal document used by a business organization for protecting their privacy of information. This kind of a document is designed professionally, yet clearly, mentioning about all the sensitive business information that is needed to be kept confidential.

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Sample Business Confidentiality Statement

Business Confidentiality Statement

Download Business Confidentiality Statement

Name of the business organization: GP Stanley United Bank of America

Contact Details; 39, Zurich Street, North California USA

Business Confidentiality Statement for Employees:

Since 1890, GP Stanley United Bank of America has earnestly recognized and respected customer’s right to privacy and confidentiality regarding the sensitive information they share with us. We are highly committed in safeguarding all the private financial details or information they have shared with us.

For this we have established various procedures for mandating awareness and training programs for informing all our employees the need of creating a limited access to the customer’s records and maintaining a thorough preservation of confidentiality. Even, the employees must also have valid business reason for accessing any identifiable records of the customers.

We have created a written document for maintaining the privacy of our customer’s record. This document consists of guidelines which defines the restricted areas of a customer’s details.

Hereby, the organization states to its employees that exchanging customer’s records with third party operation and distributing or sharing any of their information without a valid consent of the business might lead to legal implications against them. Moreover, it’s our duty to maintain ethical standard for conducting a smooth business process according to the laws.

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