Building Management Statement

The building management statement is constructed as per the guidelines of the Land Titles Act. There are several provisions that need to be met. This statement is created during constructions of building complexes or public property.

These are made in order to ensure that there are no legal disputes during the construction process. All minimum necessities need to be met for every type of project. There must be consideration for optional and back-up building processes as well as exit plans. The statement must include details about the practical administration which will facilitate the cost sharing processes.

Sample Building Management Statement

The following Building management statement has been published by Builders and Founders Ltd.

Building Property to be constructed: Boris Housing Complex, Ohio

Statement published on: 13th June, 2012

The builders of Builders and Founders Ltd have been assigned the construction of Boris Housing Complex within 3 years starting from 30th August, 2012.

It has been ensured that there are:

  • Proper supply of all services to the lots.
  • All rights of the lots have been assured proper shelter and support.
  • All owners, invitees and occupiers have been provided limited rights. These will be affective and will not require any kind of easement as per the Land Titles Act.
  • All parties concerned must make proper insurance arrangements.

All these provisions have been set and also certain optional matters have also been taken care of:

  • All the management of the lots must be directly answerable to the establishment.
  • All financial matters should be spent as per the funding management.
  • All maintenance should be treated as joint responsibility.
  • All administrative arrangements must be made.
  • All exit plans should have a separate funding plan.
  • All legal arrangements must be made as per the statement and the Land Titles Act.