Bank Statement Request Letter

Bank statement request letter is an appealing letter presented by a customer requesting for an account statement issued by that particular bank where he holds an account. Such a document should clearly depict the need of the customer so that the concern bank authority could determine the exact requirement and issue them a bank statement.

Sample Bank Statement Request Letter


The Branch Manager

United Bank of Florida                                                                                  Date: 5th June 2011


Subject: Requesting a bank statement for the account number 165469990


I  Mr. Jane Firo, Manager of Portex Limited is an account holder and priority customer in your bank with account number 165469990. The mode of my account is savings account. I am in need of the bank statement of this account for last 2 months in order to present it in income tax exemption. This would ensure that I have declared the account as per income tax act and would serve as a document of evidence in case of any future contrariety.

In reference to the above said requirement, I desire to obtain a bank transaction statement for last 2 months i.e. 1st April 2011 to 31st May2011. I will be highly obliged if you kindly forward the statement as soon as it is possible. Kindly consider my request and please do the needful so that I could present the document during tax filing of this year.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely

Mr. Jane Firo

Portex Limited-A venture of American Pharmaceutical Corporation

36, Joseph Street near the junction of St. Lauren’s Church


Contact number-7879800

3 thoughts on “Bank Statement Request Letter

  1. s.k.sahoo

    Thae Manger
    IDBI Bank , Saket ,New Delhi
    Dear Sir
    I have a Current Account Bearing A/C NO-110102000004671
    in the name of S.k.sahoo sanitary works.
    You are reausted reausted kindly ims me the bank Statement
    for the Poriod
    01.01.2012 to 03.02.2012
    Please the needful
    Thanking You
    ( Sukant Kumar Sahoo )

  2. komala

    Dear Sir,
    How to write the letter to bank new balance exceeds maximum all and how to change of address for my residential if any necessary document if need or submit the bank.



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