Bank Statement Format

A bank statement is a document released by a bank to certify their customers or to detail all the history of the transactions for a particular time period. Therefore, a bank statement format should be constructed flawlessly so that it could be referred incase of any future discrepancy related to the following transactions or during the need of identification proof.

Sample Bank Statement Format

Name of the bank: ________________________

Statement date ____________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must enlist the details of the customer and the type of account he or she holds in the particular bank. In this paragraph the essential points like current interest rate, fees assessed and yearly percentage yield should be mentioned with clarity in order to give a clear picture to the customers regarding the value of their account. Therefore, this paragraph should comprehensively mention all the important and essential data required to certify a customer.

Second Paragraph: Depending on the purpose of the bank statement the second paragraph is framed accordingly. If the statement is for certifying a customer, then an identification document is being framed with complete authentication regarding the person. However, if it is a statement enlisting the history of transaction then it should effectively mention all the minute details regarding the debits and credits done with a relevant time period. Irrespective of its purpose, bank statement always subjected as a legal document. Hence, it should be constructed with utmost precision so that it could be referred incase of any future contrariety.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph should conclude the entire statement effectively so that the intended purpose is best presented.

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